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General questions

Do you ship outside of Australia?

Do you deliver to PO Boxes?

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Can I gift a micropod?

Micropod looks like a great gift, can I get it gift wrapped?

Is the packaging recyclable?

Are the Microgreen seeds organic?

Would this would this work for my café/restaurant?

Do you have any stockists or physical stores?

Growing your Starter Kit

How much water do I need to add?

How long should keep on the humidity dome?

How much light do the microgreens need?

Help! Not all my seeds have germinated

What is the optimum growing temperature?

Do I have to harvest all my microgreens at once?

Do I need to add more water as the plants grow?

Can I put a new mat on while the other tray is still growing?

What do I do after harvesting?

What variety are my seedmats?

Seedmat Questions

Can I use a seed mat more than once?

What’s in the nutrients?

How are the seed placed so perfectly?