About Us

Micropod aims to bring indoor gardening into people’s homes and to inspire a healthy lifestyle. Our hydroponic microgreen growing kits are our way of sharing what we’ve discovered to empower anyone, anywhere to grow their own fresh microgreens using our fun, easy and sustainable process.

Micropod was established in 2016 after its founder, Jeff, found out about the amazing health benefits of microgreens and then struggled to grow them at home due to the high maintenance traditional growing method. He enlisted the help of his mates; Brian, Ollie and Jonathan, to come up with a tidier and simpler way of growing this tiny superfood. 

Inspired by indoor farming and increased apartment-living, we wanted to put a new spin on at-home gardening – how about directly from your kitchen bench? Much like ourselves, we found that there were many people that also wanted the benefits of home-grown greens, but they lacked the space, time, climate or know-how.

Our Starter Kit was born from years of R&D and it serviced the need for something small and stylish that would fit seamlessly on your kitchen bench as well as be good for the environment.

Sustainability was considered for every part of the micropod product. From the packaging, to the product itself, having an environmentally friendly product was essential for us as we do our small part to help our planet and improve the lives of animals and humans everywhere.

We hope that micropod will be a catalyst for people to become more self-sufficient and conscious of where their food comes from. But above all, to enjoy growing and sharing delicious and nutritious meals with friends and family!

Happy growing,

Jeff & the micropod team