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The micropod Starter Kit blends functionality and aesthetics and will complement any home.  Designed to sit on any windowsill or in a warm sunny spot, you can enjoy fresh, homegrown microgreens in less than two weeks by just adding water!

Rest easy knowing the food you're eating is free from GMOs, pesticides and herbicides.

Starter Kit includes:

  • Growtray and lid - made from bamboo fibres that are eco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable and dishwasher safe.
  • Six seedmats (enough for three growing cycles). Varieties include: 2x Rocket, 2x Mizuna, 2x Red Kale
  • 2 x honeycomb grills that are specially-designed to support optimal growth.

Dimensions: 110mm x 225mm x 50mm

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Customer Reviews

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Mary (Cambridge, New Zealand)
Little disappointed

I'm hoping my second attempt at growing will be better - pads sprouted - took lid off at 2 days and it went downhill from there - one pad died in about 2 days - the other looked very sad after a few more days - started spritzing with water - which I thought shouldn't have to- contacted office but they didn't really have an answer - was looking to buy for xmas gifts but not now

Sue Wilson (Auckland, New Zealand)

A slightly bigger/longer pod that could produce more as I eat them every day and even with two micropods there's still times when I run out :o)

Suzanne Jeffery (Sydney, Australia)

Really enjoyed growing & eatingūüėä

Mary Ericson (Rangiora, New Zealand)

Xmas presents ūüéĀ so haven't tried yet

Katrin Hitzbleck (Surfdale, New Zealand)

Everything worked perfectly fine! We love your greens. Already harvested twice! Great product. So easy!!!