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The micropod Starter Kit blends functionality and aesthetics and will complement any home.  Designed to sit on any windowsill or in a warm sunny spot, you can enjoy fresh, homegrown microgreens in less than two weeks by just adding water!

Rest easy knowing the food you're eating is free from GMOs, pesticides and herbicides.

Starter Kit includes:

  • Growtray and lid - made from bamboo fibres that are eco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable and dishwasher safe.
  • Six seedmats (enough for three growing cycles). Varieties include: 2x Rocket, 2x Mizuna, 2x Red Mustard
  • 2 x honeycomb grills that are specially-designed to support optimal growth.

Dimensions: 110mm x 225mm x 50mm

Looking for more seedmats? You can find them here

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Customer Reviews

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Marg Grimaud (Melbourne, Australia)
Easy peasy

I am so thrilled that I saw your advertisement because I have now got a little garden growing on my windowsill. The best part is how simple-and I have always thought simple is best-it was to set up. I am on a pension so limited funds but I will be buying the little clippers and more seed pads. Thank u for making an old lady happy. Marg

Victoria (Melbourne, Australia)
Nicely made, but seedmat success has been variable

The kit is very well made, and sit beautifully on the counter. Instructions easy to follow. Seed mats have had variable ‘take’ %’s. Perhaps this could be improved a bit. But overall I like it and have bought some other kits to expand my growing capacity.

H Usher (Brisbane, Australia)
Love my micropods

I absolutely love my mini greens and have two starter kits constantly on the go. A regular subscription of seeds means I never run out. I just purchased a third pod but gave it as a gift to my aunty. It looks so cool on her window ledge and I know she’ll love it as much as I do. I guess that means I’ll need another one!

Marguerite McNeill (Melbourne, Australia)
micropod mistakes

I was excited to receive my micropod but after the first week was experiencing issues. The instructions are rather ambiguous. There was a marker for the water level and thought I had it sorted but once the sticker was removed, defining the suggested line level was confusing. That issue was not solved by rereading the instructions. I have grown seed sprouts before using a couple of different methods and was hopeful that your product was the ultimate winner for ease and success. It could be the cooler weather that has slowed the growth of seedlings, even though they have been moved around to the sunniest place when needed. I'm not giving up,still have a few ideas up my sleeve and have enjoyed the sprouts that have been harvested, even though they are rather shorter than usual. Hopefully sprouts will dress up many of our dishes over thenext few months

Di Boss (Hamilton, New Zealand)
yummy little microgreens

excellent packaging, process and results!