Micro Snips

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Our micro snips are the perfect tool for harvesting your fresh and delicious microgreens.

Designed to be just the right size for your micropod, these micro snips will let you harvest in an even arc and have a wide blade that makes it easy to collect the cut microgreens.  

They are made from carbon steel, please make sure to keep them clean and dry after each use.

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Customer Reviews

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Sharon Cload
Great Fun Growing

This is the second lot I have grown, I am enjoying watching them grow so quickly and they taste great in my sadwiches and salads. Yummmmmmmm

Super cute & very handy

Perfect little snippets for trimming the micro herbs. Given 2 micropods as gifts & they have been extremely well received.

Indi Narain
Great concept

Micro snips are a great tool. Overall the microgreens tray is very easy to set up and the team have great customer service. Unfortunately all 3 times I’ve refilled my tray with new seed mats only one side of the seed mats has germinated and sprouted properly, not sure why this is as they’re getting equal amounts of sunshine and water.

Emmanuelle Josz

It unfortunately does not grow as well as expected one of mine collapse and had the right amount of water they seem to start well then not getting really anywhere

Gayes Johnson
Just a little bit of healthy sprinkles!

Love my miropod have health green very quick and delicious, even end up on my husbands food. bought a set for my father in law and he was so happy with the set up, so easy for him as he lives in a retirement village minimum space to grow his own veggies or herbs. Quick delivery and response.