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Intense, nutty and peppery flavour.

Micro-rocket (aka Arugula) is one of the most popular salad greens. It works exceptionally well as a micro-salad green. Flavour suggestions for rocket salads include walnuts, blue cheeses, pecans, pine nuts, garlic and avocado. Simple dressings like a lemon-vinaigrette will allow the flavour of the rocket to shine through. Amazing for pizzas and any dish which you would season with pepper. 

Contains vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, and phosphorus

Grow time: 9 - 15 days 

Made in AU and NZ
Organic Seeds
Fully compostable
Each refill contains 6 seedmats 
Each Seedmat contains approx. 440 seeds!

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Customer Reviews

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Charlotte S (Melbourne, Australia)
Love micropod products!

These are a great way to have fresh micro greens at home - very easy to grow and add to meals for a nutrient boost!

Selina Degann

Small rewards

Adrienne Featonby (Brisbane, Australia)

Absolutely amazing! Fun to grow and great on salad and on soup. Ready to put my next seed in. Great job!

Carol Batten (Sydney, Australia)
Growing temperatures

Had a problem with the first batch. I'm in Canberra so it gets pretty cold at night. Didn't have any success. Have new batch and hoping if I leave it longer I may be more successful (thats if my cats don't eat it!!).

Selina Degann (Perth, Australia)
Disappointed with the seize it the tray

Disappointed with the seize of the tray. It takes 8.10 to grow but is used up in 2 days. The height of the crop is not impressive. Some crops are very sparse